Grapes are in trouble.

Causing unsustainable spraying, leading to unrealistic regulations and consumer demands.

We're solving that.

With affordable, practical and cutting edge technology.

Our Solution

Pest & Disease Analytics

Get frequent objective information of pest & disease presence and progression throughout the entire vineyard.

Automated, Integrated, Affordable

Fits into current workflow, no training or operator required, equivalent price-point to other tractor add-ons such as GPS units. No drones, no robots or special gizmos!


Reduce social and economic cost by minimising labour, machinery and agri-chemicals for pests & diseases management.

Spray smarter and see your crop, with Cropsy.

About Us

Leila Deljkovic

Co-founder | BE(Hons.) Computer Systems

Ali Alomari

Co-founder | BE(Hons.) Computer Systems

Cropsy was founded in Auckland in June 2019. Although new, Cropsy is the result of over three years of ideation, research and prototyping. Co-founders Ali and Leila both knew they wanted to own a business in the horticulture field. Following a hydroponics internship in 2017, Ali built a greenhouse that housed 36 tomato plants, intending to sell the produce at a local market. Unfortunately, powdery mildew wiped them all out weeks before harvest!

In 2018, Ali and Leila worked on a grapevine disease detection project for their engineering degree. They soon figured out that food growers face a lot of struggles with nasty pests and devastating diseases. Armed with industry knowledge, and the pain points of food growing, Leila and Ali decided to pursue their business venture after graduating - bootstrapping, validating, and prototyping for a year until they transformed an idea into a working proof-of-concept.

Currently, the company is expanding to execute trials and go to market.

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